The United Episcopal Church of North America

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Contact Information
The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson
Office of the Presiding Bishop
St. Paul's Anglican Church
600 West Hillside Avenue
Prescott, AZ 86301-1910

Phone: (928) 778-6018

The United Episcopal Church of North America is a continuing Anglican Church. The UECNA grew out of the 1977 St Louis Conference of Concerned Churchmen and was formed in 1981. Both events occured in response to the decline of Christian orthodoxy within the Episcopal Church (TEC). The UECNA endeavours to continue the orthodox Anglican tradition it received from the pre-1976 Protestant Episcopal Church, and carry it forward into the Twenty-first century believing that the Gospel of Christ remains humanity's greatest and best hope.

Today the UECNA has twenty-two parishes and missions in ten states, and is in communion with the other two Churches that emerged directly from the St Louis Congress - the Anglican Province of Christ the King and the Anglican Catholic Church. For information about our local congregations please use the link below.


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